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Language: Bengali

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This is termed as the Bengal Film Journalists' Association Awards. This award has been given by the The Bengal Film Journalists' Association. This is the most oldest Association of Film critics in India. The award has been started in the year 1937. This award was started by the handful of pioneers amongs the then thin section of scribes that were drawn to film journalism with a lofty mission to serve the developing film journalism and film industry. The award show has been endeavor to promote and encourage the production of better films. This award show also conducted the stalls of many antiques on film camera, projector and other accessories, showing the growth of films and development of Indian Film Industry. The actor who won the most number of awards was Rajesh Khanna(four times) and the most nominations for the same is also Rajesh Khanna. The committee conducts these awards shows in order to promote a strong social, cultural and artistic force to help the progressive development of the nation.