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Language: Tamil

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The Awards are given by the Tamil television channel STAR Vijay to honour excellence in Tamil cinema. The first award ceremony was conducted in the year 2006. The award has been given by a jury, consisting of noted filmmakers, critics and technicians, while winners in a separate category named "Favourite awards" are chosen by public voting. The Awards have been produced by Reliance Mobile, Univercell and Close Up. In the first year of their award, the viewers were made to select their best. They then classified 9 new categories as the leading: hero, Heroine, Film, Director, Music director, Playback Singer Male / Female, Villain and Comedian - while 10 Jury Special Awards were also introduced. Then there were 5 more categories introduced like: Favorite Hero, Heroine, Film, Director and Song which were chosen by the viewers. The show is conducted every year at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai and is telecasted on STAR Vijay only. The ceremonies are always conducted in the May, June or July of every year.

Vijay Awards