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100 Days is a 1991 Indian Bollywood suspense thriller, suspense film released on 1991. The film is directed by Partho Ghosh, produced by Jay Mehta , music composed by Raam Laxman.
A youth, judicious woman has an aim of a murder and sets out to uncover the truth before the murderer finds her. The movie has a very beautiful message to portray the audience. It shows many high and low ends in the proximities.

Devi(Madhuri) has a power to see the future and she saw the murder of her sister Rama(Moon Moon Sen) who is a researcher. She warns her sister about this, but she could not stop Rama from being murdered. After five years, one businessman Ram Konal(Jackie Shroff) come into the life of Devi and fell in love with her. They got married. Once again Devi saw the murder of someone else. During the decoration of Ram's bunglow Devi found the skeleton of her sister. Now, Devi decides that she will save the life of girl whom she had seen being murdered in her dream. She takes the help of her friend Suneel(Javed Jaffrey). But they were not successful. That incident takes place and Parvati (Neelam Mehra) gets killed by Jagmohan(Jay) and he also tries to kill Devi. During this time, Devi gets a video casette. That casette reveals that Ram is a smuggler and Jagmohan & Parvati were his associates. Jagmohan killed the accused for the murder of Rama.

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