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2022 Tsunami is a 2009 Hollywood action,adventure film released on Oct 23, 2009. The film is directed by Toranong Srichua, produced by Thanayong Wongtrakul.

DR. SIAM receives information from the warning center that there will be a big earthquake and also a tsunami in the Indian Ocean very soon, so he instructs the population to evacuate the risky provinces as quickly as possible but nothing happens. These warning signs really shock three of them. They try to contact the prime minister and tell him about these disasters that might happen in the near future. Fortunately the prime minister believes them, but because of the last failure he does not know how to warn the population that a tsunami will happen very soon, so he has to set up the plan to evacuate the population from the city as quickly as possible. He instructs the ministers to give the announcement to the population that there will be a grand songkran festival on 13 April 2022. This clever plan is effective since most of the population (about 15 million people) are leaving the city for their hometown to celebrate songkran festival.
AT 09.45 AM on 13 April, 2022, earthquakes happen at the same the time in 6 continents all around the world, followed by many big tsunamis.

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