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22 Female Kottayam is a 2012 Indian Malayalam film released on 2012. The film is directed by Ashique Abu. Tessa (Rima Kallingal) is a nursing student in Bangalore with plans of traveling to Canada for a career. She meets Cyril (Fahadh Faasil) from the travel consultancy agency working towards setting up her visa. They soon fall in love and start living together. Tessa loves him with all her heart and takes their relationship and living together seriously. One day while at a pub, a guy misbehaves with Tessa and Cyril beats him up badly. The guy tries to take revenge on Cyril and searches for him. Cyril goes into hiding with the help of his boss Hegde (Prathap Pothen). Hedge arrives at Cyril's home to inform Tessa about the situation. Then he asks her plainly "Can I have sex with you?" A shocked Tessa is then brutally attacked and raped. When Cyril finds out what happened, he becomes violent and wants to kill Hegde. Tessa calms him down saying that she does not want to make the incident worse than it is, and instead just wants to get to Canada at the earliest. Once Tessa recovers from her injuries, Hegde visits her again to ask for forgiveness. He comes while Cyril is not around and ends up raping her for a second time. Tessa decides not to travel abroad and plans to murder Hegde. Cyril discusses the situation with his boss who suggests killing Tessa and appoints Cyril to do it. Cyril traps her by putting some drugs in her bag. The police arrest Tessa and she is imprisoned. While Tessa calls out for help, she finds Cyril simply walking away from her, which is when she realises Cyril set her up. Cyril later relocates to Cochin and runs a modeling agency. While in prison Tessa meets Zubeida (Rashmi Sathish) who is sentenced for murder. Through Zubeida's criminal world connections Tessa realizes that Cyril, a pimp, was cheating her along with the support of his boss Hegde, a nymphomaniac. Zubeida and Tessa bond well with each other and Zubeida gives her the strength and courage needed for striking back on Cyril and Hegde. When the court sets her free, Tessa with the help of DK (Sathaar) kills Hegde by poisoning him with a cobra. Next, she arrives in Cochin in search of Cyril while pretending to be a model. Later one night they meet in his studio but Cyril recognizes her and becomes angry. He beats her and verbally abuses her not because he knows she has a plan of revenge but thinks that she became a slut who does every 'adjustments' to flourish her career. But his frustration dissolves as he wants to enjoy her company. He reminds her she is a mere woman. But at night Tessa sedates him and penectomises him. When he regains consciousness she tells him that she has removed his male organ through a medical surgery. While Cyril finds himself in intense pain and bound to his bed, she taunts him so much to make him realise his faults and the gross wrongs he committed on her. But he doesn't yield and doesn't admit his life as a pimp is a fault. Then another twist happens when Tessa reveals Cyril that her appearance as a model is a disguise and she knows that she is still somewhere in his heart. She reminds him that she has only lost someone who cheated on her, whereas he lost someone who genuinely loved him. Now Cyril is stunned that he is not even able to face Tessa with whom he can argue if she is a model. Cyril recollects that her love was true and his love was overshadowed by his male supremacy concept and greed for wealth. He understands and admits his mistakes. Then Tessa leaves him but not before inviting him to settle the score with her, if any remains there. Cyril corrects his concept of her as she is the women and accepts her challenge and tells her that he will confront her when he is ready, knowing that he has to settle the score with her in terms of true love. Tessa leaves for Canada and dismantles her cell phone and cuts further contact with DK who is after her to bed with her as a reward for his help in her plans. Check out this page for more updates on 22 Female Kottayam.

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Aswin J Kumar


Aswin J KumarTimes of India

The film moves around the life of Tessa, a nurse settled in Bangalore, and how some unexpected events change the course of her life.

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