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3 Bachelors is a 2012 Indian Bollywood comedy,romance film released on Jul 06, 2012. The film is directed by Ajay Sinha, produced by Pramod Sharma under banner named UV News Media & Communication Limited, music composed by Daboo Malik.

The story has many characters to create an environment. The two college boys (Amit and Jai) start from the concept that the two college boys don’t find any accommodation in the city. So, in order to find the accommodation in the city, one of them dresses up as the wife and the order as the husband. The boys then find the shelter in the city, as husband and wife. They get to live in the same outlet that has their respective girl friends on the ground floor. The movie has added elements to the story from the movie Chachi 420. After this, Deepak Verma (Manoj Pahwa) is then added to the film, where the concept is shown in a very dramatic way. Talking about the performances, there is nothing to talk about the same. Himani Shivpuri (she has maximum screen time) is seen playing the character of the college principal who does not believe in love till she herself falls into the love. Even the item song seems dated. But, there are moments that have been the couple of one liner moments that manage to make you laugh till some extent. Everything appears flashy in the first half. The second half is all based on love, friendship, family and duties.

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