Hindi    Jan 01, 1974 (India)

Verdict: Bakwaas Movie. Waste of Time.


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36 Ghante is a 1974 Indian Bollywood drama, action, crime, thriller, social film released on Jan 01, 1974. The film is directed by Raj Tilak, produced by Raj Tilak.

Three dangerous dacoits Himmat (Sunil Dutt), Dilawar (Danny) and Ajith (Ranjith) loot a bank along with a girl Kamini (Parveen Babi). The three men get caught by the police and the girl escapes to Poona. These three man escape from the jail and get to Mumbai. The entire police force is alerted Then, they capture Ashok's (Raaj Kumar) residence and remain there until they get their money. Ashok and Deepa (Mala Sinha) try different ways to escape but in vain. The night when Kamini was supposed to bring the money got strangled as police were behind her. So she delayed the delivery of money which made Ashok and his family more tense. The following day Ashok left his house for his office and was asked to keep his mouth shut. Even Ashok's sister Naina left for office and was asked for same. The three men asked Ashok's child to remain in the house and if Ashok tried to act smart, then it will result in the death of his child. Ashok goes to police station and asks about the '3' fugitive gangsters. He also gives the idea that if the '3' gangsters had taken refuge in somebody's house. That afternoon a man from Coca Cola company comes to Ashok's residence. Deepa opens the door and handles the situation. But with force he enters the house he sees a car parked in the garage. He notes down as he recollect that it is the car escorted. This make the goons alert and Dilamar takes care of the situation and kills the man. The police soon arrives at the crime scene and receive a notepad from his pockets and a recipt. They decide to destroy the car and ask Ashok to do it by throwing it down the cliff. Ashok leaves the house to destroy the car and here police enters his house for the interrogation regarding the death of the man from Cocacola company. When Ashok comes to house he hears, that the money they were waiting for had come and that Ashok was asked to bring them from Kamini. Ashok soon leaves the house. Here Ajith decides to leave the group and live indepentently but in the course of doing so he dies. A revolver was obtained from him. From the files they come to know that this revolver was that of the gangster. The receive their money but before they could escape they are killed by the bullets of the police force.

Tells the suspense-charged story of three desperate and ruthless criminals, who barge into a household and terrorise in turn, a newspaper editor, his wife, his sister and a child. The narrative climaxes to the inevitable expected fadeout. Check out this page for more updates on 36 Ghante.

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