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5 Ghantey Mein 5 Crore is a 2012 Indian Bollywood suspense,thriller film released on Aug 10, 2012. The film is directed by Faisal Saif, produced by Dr. Joginder Singh Padam under banner named J. S. Movie Entertainment, music composed by Leon L. Victor.

The film shows the story of a CA chartered accountant Vikram (Shawar Ali) and his partner Soniya (Played by Meera). They are waiting for another accountant Muqaddam (Rashid Khan) to deliver him a lumpsum amount of Rs 50 million by cash to for their farm house. Vikram works for Sultan Corporation. This corporation is owned by Sultan (Ranjeet). After Muqaddam delivers the money, Vikram and Sonia try to kill Muqaddam and they think of escaping to Singapore, immediately with the amount of Rs 50 million Vikram and Soniya exactly follow their plan. Then, the car of Karan Oberoi (Abhishek Kumar) fails in front of Vikram's farmhouse. Karan coincidently is Soniya’s ex-classmate in junior college. Reshma Salahuddin (Kavita Radheshyam), she is an exotic bar dancer and is the girlfriend of Muqaddam. She is 3 months pregnant. She is waiting for her boyfriend to return. After this she comes to know that Muqaddam is being killed by Soniya and Vikram, then she starts playing revenge against them and the story is further carried forward

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