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7 Days is a 1994 Indian Bollywood film released on 1994. Tejpal and Jungbahadur are the best of friends. Tejpal with his shrewd movement becomes successful in involving his army friend Jungbahadur in his business of smuggling. Tejpal tires to sell our countrys top secret documents to some foreign power. But his friend Jungbahadur refuses to become a traitor. After this incident their friendship turns into enity. But what is fated cannot be abetted. The only daughter of Jungbahadur (Pooja) always used to tease and torment the only son of Tejpal (Prem) who is dumb. Once accidentally Pooja falls in muddy water and Prem saves the life of Pooja. As a result both fall in love with each other. . Unware of the enmity between Tejpal and Jungbahadur, Pooja goes to see Prem at his residence. There she meets Prems motehr who narrates the incident responsible for Prems dumbness. Thereby Pooja consoles Prems mother assuring her that one day Prem will certainly regain his speech, during which time Tejpal enters the house and throws Pooja out from his house. On account of this the enmity between Jungbahadur and Tejpal further deepens. . Out of sheer frustration, both Prem and Pooja go to court for civil marriage but Pooja being a minor still needs seven days more to become an adult and as a result marriage cannot take place. . On account of stiff resistance & stubborn attitude of both the fathers Prem and Pooja decide to flee to some hotel at an isolated place and put up. There Prem happens to see his father with the traitors of the country, whereby Prem gets a severe shock and lateron Prem & Pooja become successful in snatching the bag containing countrys secret documents from Tejpals men. [Source: C.B.F.C] Check out this page for more updates on 7 Days.

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