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  • Nikhat Kazmi


    Nikhat Kazmi | Times of India

    It's an old-fashioned tale about spooks and spirits that takes so long to unfold, you lose patience, attention, interest.... Add to this, the lack luster lead pair and you have a film that's not happening, neither in the romance department, nor with the horror quotient. You look for some hope from Ashutosh Rana, an actor who has entertained you often on screen with his power-packed performance. But there isn't much he can do in a poorly-etched role
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  • Pankaj Sabnani


    Pankaj Sabnani | Glamsham

    A few weeks back, RAGINI MMS released, which had a blend of sex and horror. Now, A STRANGE LOVE STORY goes a step further by mixing love, horror, suspense and murder mystery. The film is about a photographer Kabeer (Eddie Seth), who's an expert in getting work done at the last moment. He invites trouble by shooting at a haunted dargah in the night, despite being warned by his friend Jennifer (Riya Sen). A few minutes after he starts shooting
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  • Shubhra Gupta


    Shubhra Gupta | Indian Express

    This is a film featuring a chinless wonder called Kabeer, his sorry girlfriend called Jennifer, and an evil spirit called Jinnat. Huh? This ‘jinnat’, for those still with me after that deathless first line, appears in the form of white vapour, in `dargahs’ and churches, in Goa and Shimla. Clearly, it is a very secular ‘jinnat’, despite its name and origins. 'A Strange Love Story’ is very strange indeed. From start to finish, you get no clue as to why it was made
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