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Aa Gale Lag Jaa is a 1994 Indian Bollywood social, suspense film released on May 13, 1994. The film is directed by Hamid Ali, produced by Salim Akhtar , music composed by Anu Malik.

Jugal Hansraj is a poor boy treated by his uncle Paresh Rawal. Urmila Matondkar is a rich girl treated by her widowed aunty played by Reema Lagoo. Urmila & Jugal fall madly in love, but her aunty opposes the wedding on knowing that Jugal is the boy of the driver of Urmila's dad, who also happened to be his killer. Jugal's uncle confirms that his real dad was indeed in jail, but he was murdered on release by a speeding truck.

Jugal's dreams are smashed. Immediately, someone starts killing Urmila's dad's business partners. Pin points towards Jugal. The murder cases are given to a weird Police Inspector Gulshan Grover. After thinking that killer is some third individual nobody knows about, the Inspector arranges a caught for him.

It is found that the murderer is Jugal's supposedly dead dad. He tells everybody that the real murderers were Urmila's dad’s business partners who were frightened that her dad would expose their frauds. They framed Jugal's dad who tried to take of the knife out of his masters’ body. Before the Inspector can handcuff him, Jugal's dad finds the last partner in the hospital & attacks him.

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