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Aadatha Aatamellam is a 2009 Indian Tamil costume drama film released on Mar 27, 2009. The film is directed by Azhagar, produced by Get Productions under banner named Madras Entertainment Hit, music composed by AR Rahman. Aadatha Aattamellam - Emotional Story, about Ashok (Ravi Ganesh) and his sister Sudha (Jenny Jasmine) who are orphans. However, Sudha becomes more like the mother for Ashok and raises him up with full dedication. Ashok also affectionate about his sister and soon he begins to become a good basketball player when he gets into college. The story takes a turn when a gentleman comes to seek the hand of Sudha but she turns him down since she does not want to leave Ashok alone. However, he convinces sudha that everything would be taken care of and they get married. Ashok gets into the hostel and Sudha realizes that her in-laws don't really approve this alliance. Meanwhile, Ashok gets into drugs and all other bad habits and in no time his entire becomes a mess. Sudha then decides to bring about a change in him, does she get successful or not forms the rest of the story. Check out this page for more updates on Aadatha Aatamellam.

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