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Aadmi is a 1957 Indian Bollywood romance, social film released on Jan 01, 1957. The film is directed by Navnit Rai, music composed by Ramnath.
Aadmi is the story of Shyam who lives fully, fights bravely, and loves wholeheartedly. Shyam has all the qualities that go to make a great soul but he has only one defect and that is his unusually long nose which sets him apart from the rest of mankind. It makes him c conspicuous in a crowd. It invites jeers and insults from the low and the empty-headed. Shyam has learnt to subit to nature. He knows that however bright and brilliant may be his talents as a poet, swordsman and a philospher he is a stranger admists his fellowmen for they have not learnt to look into the beauty of the soul. The people are always decieved by external appearance and so Shyams life is a continual struggle against ignorance. . Shyam loves Radha but Radha loves Ram, a young man of handsome appearance a good heart, but devoid of graces and very much like a village yokel. Radha loves Ram but she also loves poetry, nature and the beautiful things of life. Now who will bridge the gulf that lies between the asipration of Radha for an urbane and a culture lover and the real and uncouth Ram. Love finds a way. Shyam is entrusted with the most painful task of instructing Ram both in the art of speech and social graces by Radha Shyam accepts to do the impossible. He will tear his heart out to please Radha. Young Ram proves an apt pupil and in a short time he is pouring forth words of love and devotion which strengthened by the sincerity of his feelings ring sweet and true. Meanwhile Shyam who has brought the two lovers together at the cost of his own happiness suffer-but silently. . The course of true love never runs smooth. Befoe the two lovers can be happily united in a marriage bond Lal Bahadur the Kings Commander-in-Chief with his wealth, high position and his intrigues demands Radha for a bride. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Aadmi.

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