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Aadmi is a 1968 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1968. The film is directed by A. Bhim Singh, produced by P.S.Veerapa.

Rajesh (Dilip Kumar), though orphaned at a very young age, comes from a very wealthy and noble family, but is very insecure. His childhood sweetheart Meena tragically dies also and Rajesh substitutes her with a doll. When he finds that another young boy has touched the doll, he starts a fight with him, and ends up murdering him. Years later, Rajesh, now a grown man, still has the doll in his closet and he has now fallen in love with a woman named Meena (Waheeda Rehman). He becomes engaged to her after the approval of his best friend, Dr. Shekhar (Manoj Kumar). However, Rajesh and Meena have an automobile accident, in which Rajesh becomes paralysed and must be confined to a wheelchair. It is then that Rajesh finds out that Shekhar and Meena are having an affair. His old murderous and possessive hatred surfaces again and his best friend Shekhar's life is in danger.

Raja Saheb had come into wealth in the prime of his youth. He was a sociable person and loved his people. But his love for his poor friend Shekhar was legendary. Shekhar was a younger brother to him and he had helped Shekhar to build a career of a doctor. . As the luck would have it. Raja Saheb, one day went to visit his estate, where he came across Meena beautiful daughter of his manager. He fell head over-heels in love with her. He asked Shekhar to negotiate his marriage with her. . When Shekhar came to Meenas house, he was shocked to discover that Meena was the same girl whom he also loved. With a heavy heart, he settled with her father. Meena came before her marriage to visit Raja Saheb. Shekhar and Meena lived under the same roof emotionally depressed but apparently displaying no recognition of their deep love. . Raja Saheb wanted Meena to learn driving and he himself taught her how to drive a car. Meena picked up fast. . Mayadas, Raja Sahebs house-manager had dreamt of his daughter Aartis marriage with Raja Saheb but Meenas arrival shattered his dreams. Mayadas could not take it lying down, he saw an opportunity to even the score. He loosened the breaks of Meenas car which went out of control. Raja Saheb managed to save her but he himself became a cripple. . Meena and Shekhar tried to make Raja Saheb happy. Raja Saheb misunderstood Shekhar and in a fit of jealousy tried to kill him by pushing him down and edge several hundred feet above the sea. Shekhar managed to hold on to some bushes and he dangling in the space told Raja Saheb the truth. Raja Saheb was so much ashamed at knowing his friends sacrifice, that he left all his estate to Shekhar and tried to commit suicide by jumping down from the same edge. [Source: Xerox Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Aadmi.

Cast & Crew

Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar

Rajesh (Raja Saab)

Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar

Dr. Shekhar



Maya Das (Aarti's f..




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