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Aadmi Khilona Hai is a 1993 Indian Bollywood drama, romance, social film released on Jan 01, 1993. The film is directed by J. Om Prakash, produced by J. Om Prakash.
The Verma family subsist of two bro named Vijay and Sharad (played by Jeetendra and Govinda respectively), Vijay's companion named as Ganga (played by Reena Roy), and their Gil. Sharad is not wedded and is studying in college, while Vijay runs the home on his income. In college days, Sharad clashes with Punam (played by Meenakshi Sheshadri) and both are deeply in liking to each other. Ganga and Vijay get them wed, but permit them a wed life only after they finished their studies, which they consider so. They are distracted to learn that Punam cannot be a mom, so Ganga lets Poonam mom her child. Soon Sharad finds a job, which gets him to shift to another city, and there are tearful good-adieus. Poonam decides to keep Ganga's kid with her. But Ganga has been good-hearted to Punam and Sharad for a reason, and now the time has come for give them

A simple person Madan lived with his wife Ganga, brother Sharad and daughter Guddy. Sharad was in college. He met Poonam.They fell in love and decided to tie the knot. A dishonest person tried to spoil Poonam's life but Sharad saved her and married her. Ganga gave birth to a son whom Poonam loved very much. Sharad got a job but they stayed in another flat. After a few days Poonam came to know that she had some gynaecological problem which would never take her to motherhood. Ganga decided to give her son to Poonam. Poonam and Sharad adopted the son. After a few year Sharad got a promotion and they lived happily. But Ganga's aunt started getting jealous of them. She always tried to create misunderstandings between the family members. She made Ganga get her son back from Poonam. Sharad also agreed to that. Madan came to know the whole thing and insulted Ganga. Madan left the house with his son and daughter. Ganga realised her fault. Madan brought Sharad and Poonam home. Ganga apologised to all and they lived happily forever.

Eversince the inception of the world, man as been a puppet a toy playing to the commands of his mind, influenced and infatuated by various insticts - most runious of all being the Greed. With unending lust for material comforts and perishable gains the man - the toy - succumbs to the lures of deceptive wordly glitters and in the process invariably loses the possession of the most prescious and indestructable wealth - the wealth of Love, Honour, Trust and Harmony. . There was middle-clas family consisting of Madan, a medical salesman, his wife Ganga, their small daughter Guddi and Madans younger brother Sharad, a college student. Ganga was shining symbol of Indian womanhood - a dedicated housewife, consederate mother and very affectionate Bhabhi. Ganga as such, was a highly respected woman for her virtues and had imnese Love and Trust of all which made Ganga one of the richest women in real sense of the world. Sharad loved and respected his brother Madan and Bhabhi Ganga just like his parents. Looking at this happy and contended family many people very often called them, Ram, Sita and Laxman of Kaliyug. Ganga gave birth to her second child - now a son. madan adored his wife Ganga with respect for her outstanding qualities. . Sharad and Poonam - the young lovers in college had to be suddenly married and Poonams entry in this happy family further enhanced the happiness and very soon she became the darling of everyone. Sharad got a handsome job but much against his wishes he and Poonam had to live seperately. Sharad progressed and prospered but their family life plunged in gloom when doctors diagnosed that Poonam could never become a mother. This was a very big shock for Ganga too. . At this turn of events Gangas unprecedented sacrifice which no ordinary woman could do lighted a lamp of hope and joy in the dark and empty home of Sharad and Poonam. . A few years passed quite happily but alas! the viscious human mind polluted the purity of Ganga with deadly germs of Greed and selfishnes and as a result the towering character of Ganga was reduced to an ordinary self-entered greedy woman. This unexpected fall of Ganga shocked Sharad and Poonam and gave an unbearable blow to Madan. . So once a very happy, contended and united family was miserably disintegrated - the dragon of Greed swallowed all the joys, harmony and trust of these adorable people. . Ganga realised her grave mistake - the poison of greed flowed out of her eyes in form of tears. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Aadmi Khilona Hai.

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