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Aag Ke Sholay is a 1988 Indian Bollywood action film released on Oct 14, 1988. The film is directed by S. R. Pratap, produced by Gautam Bhatia , music composed by Vijay.
Aag Ke Sholay is the story of down trodden people of a village who are living like dead bodies because they have no courage to raise their voice against the tyrant zamindar and Sarpanch of the villagers, so much so their women are molested and they cant dare to save from the clutches of the zamindar. Amar is the son of the real zamindar of the village but he is also made handicapped by his uncle who has made him into a drunkard. . One day one honest and noble schoolmaster raises his voice against the corruption, he tries to unite all the villagers to give punishement to corrupt people, zamindar and sarpanch realises that they can rule the village only if the people are not united, so they hire the services of a cruel, notorious decoit Baag Singh who kills the schoolmaster and shatters the dream of unity in the village. . One malang Baba tells the villagers that some day some saviours will appear to serve them from the hands of the culprits, saviours are two Robinhood girls Geeta and Ganga who some chance in land in the village to rob, but gradually they are emotionally involved with the simpleton poor villagers, they start a campaign against the bad elements to try to unite the villagers, two more persons are included in the army of Geeta and Ganga, one is Amar, the nephew of zamindar and the other is Shankar, the son of a retired military Colonel killed by Baag Singh, the above mentioned four man army turns the tables and brings real happiness in the village. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Aag Ke Sholay.

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