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Aage Moad Hai is a 1987 Indian Bollywood social film released on Jan 01, 1987. The film is directed by Ravi Mishra. Aage Moad Hai is amongst others the story of Uma Saxena a young & attractive widwo and her teenaged daughter Sheba, Uma abides by her strict and rigid middle class moral values, since back home she was brought up in Lucknow on them. Sheba on the other hand is going through her formative years in Bombay and has little reason to look up to the values and ideas preached by her mothers generation. . Uma keeps busy with her hectic jobs as a public relation officer in a city firm and managing the house, thus to an extent minimising her loneliness as a young woman. Umas love and concern for the daughter is not so much in doubt but since the herself finds Bombay a little too fast for the daughter she is evertly strict with Sheba. . An episode concerning a middle-aged man who tries to get fresh with the teenager and Umas unfair reaction towards Sheba sparks off an unprecedented confrontation between the two. . On the advice of a well wisher Uma takes Sheba out on a holiday sure enough this has the desired change and away from the maddening metropolis the mother and the daughter find themselves secure in their natural and instinctive bond. . But that is not to be for long. Holidaying at the same place is a Colonel whois lonely and deprived of the normal physical love (He is married to an invalid). . The young widow and the Colonel get carrier away with Shobha being an inadverntent witness to this forbidden act. . Back to Bombay while guilty Uma has lost the moral right to restrain Sheba the latter has turned defiant with vengennce. Giving a damn to the mother, Sheba goes out for a late night party of teenagers at a secluded spot and is asaulted by a frustarated youngster. . Elsewhere Shebas school teacher Juhi, a married woman, has been having a calndestine affair with Birdie, a bachelor. The going seems to be a good for the two till the jealous husband of Juhi discovers it Birdie and Juhi now are in the turmoil of conscience. The moad sees, Juhi, committing suicide, leaving a hurt Birdie. . And Vishwas a young idealist who has left his studies to promote the cause of Youth Movement is rudely ditched by his political mentor. Vishwas is disllusioned and shattered, and hsi frustration culminates finally in attempting assauet of Sheba. [Source: C.B.F.C] Check out this page for more updates on Aage Moad Hai.

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