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Aahat is a 1974 Indian Bollywood social film released on Jan 01, 1974. The film is directed by Kishor, produced by Vishal. This is a story of a sighless married lady Jaya, and her husband Rajesh, an art photographer. Jayas blindness is not a handicap. She can see with Rajeshs eyes and life is roses all the way. So great indeed is their happiness that Jayas parents, who are rich and live in a big bunglow, are content to leave them in their bliss in a medium sized apartment, which is situated in a non-residential area, in the basement of an office building. . There are other eyes, evil wicked and hungry. Eyes that reflect lust and greed. The eyes of Kundan. To him the main object of life is amassing of wealth, and woman is an instrument of pleasure. He is engaged in all sorts of illegal transactions. His faithful employee and paramour is Rita, the cabaret girl. . Rita is young, beautiful and excitable kind of woman. The fact that she is working with a gang of thus does not mean that she is a bad girl; she is doing it just for the thrill of it. She is sensous and provocative dancer. . A very expensive necklace is collectively robbed by the gang and is in her possession. She decides to blackmail her boss and keep the necklace to herself. Blackmail is a hazardons game especially when the blackmailer is female and young. When Police found her it was too late. . Taking advantage of Jayas blindness the villains enter her house of find the necklace. Jaya finds in her own house cornored by the villians and her honour and life at stake. . Being a blind woman Jaya realises her limitations. She handles the the situation tactfully and save her honour. . Ultimately police comes in get hold of culprits, and takes the possession of the necklace. [Source: C.B.F.C] Check out this page for more updates on Aahat.

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