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Aahinsa is a 2014 Indian Bollywood drama film released on Jun 20, 2014. The film is directed by Yusuf Ali Khan, produced by Imad Habib.
This is the story about killing of cow. The same scenario is evident in one of the states in India. Now this state has corrupt officers namely, 'Laalaji ,Khan Saheb' and 'Gulab Chaudhary' . They encourage the brutal act of Cow Slaughter. But still the story has some loyal police officers and leaders who stand against these corrupt politicians in support of the cow. Yet, there is no proof of these brutal acts as some corrupt police officials suppress the proof. Then the story is continued with 'Sufi Quraishi'. He is the male lead protagonist who is one such person involved with the brutality towards the cow. Then the story has 'Kalpana Mishra' the female lead protagonist. She is a strong girl and a news reporter trying to expose the truth behind the cow slaughtering. The story is further shifted on how Sufi helps Kalpana for joining her mission. She wants to expose those corrupt politicians and fight for the protection of the cow.
Today, the society is helpless with the situation of Mother Cow. The most shocking things is that we gave her the status of a 'Mother', but are killing this 'Mother' everyday! Check out this page for more updates on Aahinsa.

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