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Aaina is a 1944 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1944. The film is directed by S. M. Yusuf, music composed by Fateh Ali Khan.
Roma (played by Amrita Singh) and Reema Mathur (played by Juhi Chawla) are the girls of Mr. Mathur (played by Saeed Jaffery), a rich businessman. Roma, the older people, has always been harmed, gets everything she needs, and is very motivated. Reema is quite cautious and usually lets her sis take the spotlight. Both grow up to be entirely opposite. The only similarity is that the sister’s fall in love with the same guy named Ravi Saxena (played by Jackie Shroff).Always the center of attraction, Roma traps his eye first. Reema is heartbroken chick but puts on a brave face. Ravi and Roma decide to get wed. Not happy, Roma wants to be a star in a film and gets an offer on the day of her marriage. She accepts and talks to Ravi minutes before their wedding. Ravi is angry and, in turn gets wed to Reema to save the honor of her family.Ravi and Reema's bonding is quite uncomfortable. But after this as time move away, Ravi falls in deep love with Reema. But, Roma comes back home in a fury and tells them that they will never be happy because she has been deserted. Determined to get Ravi back Roma is going to do anything including razing her sister's life. The story stands out for the audience and creates a good impact on the minds of the people.
The invention of "Aina" (Mirror) was invented by Sikander Zulqernain, so that we can see our ugliness or beauty, as others would find in us but to-day, we presented to you a novel type of "Aina" in which you will see the reflections of joys and sorrows, virtues and vices that occur in your daily life. Your will find innumerable Indian homes unhappy shattered, only because of petty grivances and jealousey of one member of the family to the other. . Krishna was typical woman of that type, who inspite of being a happy mother, commanding wealth and respect, was on the verdge of ruining her home, just because she was shot tempered and of quarrelsome nature . Not one member of the family was pleased with her treatment. The eldest daughter-in-law Jea, was a widow and thus unhappy, but Krishna instead of consoling and helping her to forget her sorrow, blamed her saying that she was the cause of her sons death. Shanti, the second daughter-in-laws fate was in no way better than Jeas. She was an ideal emblem of an Indian wife, who performed; her duties towards her husband Vinod and other members of thefamily inspite of an ill-treatment she received from Krishna and her sister-in-law Anjali. The only one, who appreciated and respected Shanti was Vilas, her younger brother-in-law, who loved her with a true heart of a brother. But his love and respect was misjudged by her younger sister Anjali, who was spoilt and pampered by Krishna. She was not only satisfied by misjudging for herself but foolishly told others and brought a bolt on her brothers and sisters character. . The fatehr Kundanlal played a very passive role of life inspite of knowing the state of affairs at home. Whenever his sons and daughters complained, he replied; "Jai se Bhagwan ki Marzi" (They wilt be done). . On account of such atmosphere and unrest in the house Vinod, the husband of Shanti always remained absent from home by going on his business tours. Howsover he returned after a very long time, hoping the condition of the house must have proved. But hardly he steped into his room he heard the same sounds of quarrel and fights. He tolerated for some time, but the climax of his patience reached, when he saw there is no peace even whilst taking his food. Through shear disgust, he left his food untouched and went to his room to dress up and leave. Shanti his wife tried her level best to induce him to take his food but he paid no heed to her. In the meantime, Vilas entered the room and told him that he should not leave the house and go away but on the contrary some means must be found out to bring peace and harmoney. At this moment Vilas eyes fell at the door and saw Anjali inquistively peeping through the door. Vilas in anger pulled her inside the room telling her to come in and listen, Anjalis shout for mother, also brought Krishna in to the room. Vilas told Vinod that Anjali should be sent to her sasurals place at once for she is the main cause of the trouble at home. Anjali burning with shame and anger, spitefully accused Vilas of his misconduct with Shanti bhabhi She told Vinod and Krishna that to day morning, he was kissing Shanti bhabhis hand. The shameful accusation enraged Vilas to such an extent that he slapped Anjali. Krishna in return slapped Vilas, who was greatly insulted and promised to leave the house at once. Shanti seeing Vilas leaving, due to misunderstanding cause on account of her, begged and sowre by her Sohag for Vilas to come back. Vilas hesitated at these words and finaly returned to please Shanti. But the fate was against her, for Vilas return caused Vinod to be more suspicious and left the house heartlessly leaving Shanti in tears calling for her "nath". . Vinod worried in disgusted, with sounds of quarrels still lingering in his ears, drove at an uncontrollable speed and had a hair breadth escape from dashing against another car. Luckily in the other car was Sumetra, whom he had met her in the train whilst returning to Bombay and had become good friends in on time. Sumetra had a gift of the gap and came to Bombay as she was invited by womens club for a debate on the subject " An Indian Woman". During the journey she had gathered a little about Vinods home troubles seeing his face distrubed and haggered, smelt some troubles and postponed her plan of going to the hall and took him to her house. Sumetra played a very efficient hostess and entertained Vinod so well that he forget all his worries and cares.- Gradually, day by day, Vinod fell head over ears for Sumetra. . In the meantime, Krishna forced Vilas to marry with Urmi, the daughter of Manoharlal. Urmi knew the condition of Kundanlals house and Vilas happy-go-lucky nature but agreed to marry him to please her father and do away with her step-mother who was ill-treating her. On the other hand Vilas refused his mother Krishna to marry Urmi, but when Shanti bhabhi requested him and told him that by refusing he will cause others to look upon them more suspiciously. Vilas realised his mistake and agreed to marry for his bhabhis sake. . No sooner Urmi came to Kundanlals house, Krishna started ill-treating Urmi. In the beginning, Urmi took all insults and scolding very patiently, but when she could bear no longer, quite confused and not knowing what to do, went near the photo of her late mother engraved in an "Aina" and began to cry for her help. The "Aina" accidently slipped from her hands and crashed into pieces. To her disappointment and surprise she saw into four broken pieces of the "Aina", the reflections of the photos on the wall (1) Chand Bibi. (2) Sati Sawitri (3) Jai Ambe. (4) Baharat Mata; and her later mothers teachings came to her memory. Urmi quite changed resolved to improve the condition of her sasural. . On the other hand, Vinod disappointed of his home, neglected his wife Shanti adn his business, and madly fell in love with Sumetra. One evening the Secretary came and told them that Vinod is going to marry Sumetra andhas more over issued a cheque of two lakhs which will be dishonoured if money is not paid before ten o clock tomorrow, and even perhaps this very bunglow will have to be vacated. Kundanlal now realised that his folly to rely at Gods will and neglect his duties towards his home and business. He promised to set things right and atonce started his office, On the other hand Urmi and Vilas resolved to induce Vinod not to be rash and marry Sumetra. But, alas! Vinod was to disgusted his home and openly accused his brother of his misconduct of with his wife Shanti. Vilas humiliated before his wife Urmi, stunted with anger, resolved to kill or to be killed by his brother, went with a revolver after him. Urmi saw the desperate attitude of both the brothers and knew the tragedy inevitable, thought the only way to solve the situation was to convince Sumetra how wrong she was in playing the part of destroying the happiness of another woman and her family. But Urmi was too late, Shanti broken hearted had left the house leaving a letter, for she truely believed the best things for an Indian woman is to die with honour then to live wihout it. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Aaina.

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