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Aainaate is a 2008 Indian Bengali drama film released on Nov 28, 2008. The film is directed by Dulal Dey, produced by Narender S. Surana , music composed by Joydeb Sen.

The storyline starts with Malini (Rituparna Sengupta) recapitulating her childhood memories while recollecting her family attachments she remembers the detachment from her inner self grounded by the molestation in her teenage.
Malini is now a well-versed photographer working in some magazine. Her photographic skills explores through the various special expressions of the people when they are dead and seeks to find out the emotions of the pale and white faces. During these ongoing course of actions she comes in contact with Urmila Sanyal (Rati Agnihotri), the leading social activist who has dedicated her life to the service of the exploited and distressed women of the society. The story then takes a turn to her romantic journey with her boyfriend, Rajat (Firdaus) who is the lavish brat of a big businessman.
On one hand there is the family expectations tied to her and on the other there is urge for preserving her self identity. Though she gets romantically involved with Rajat along with her family support but then nobody is ready to bear its outcomes. It is then when she becomes pregnant, she realizes the real faces of the people whom she has been respecting and admiring so much. In a moment she is being out casted and constantly pressurized to surrender to the patriarchal will. But revolting against it she comes to discover the illegitimacy of her own birth and finds Urmila Sanyal as her escapist mother, who was scared of the social accusations.

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