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Aaj Ka Romeo is a 1995 Indian Bollywood film released on 1995. The film is directed by Pavithran. Prince and his three friends Munna, Peter, Chhottu are close friends, who are orphans and working as coolies in the market. They work hard to make both ends meet but are very happy. They are the livewire of the market. In comes a rich college-belle in their life. She is also an orphan like them but belongs to a rich family. At first on a number of occation Indu clashes wit the boys and later on she, too, becomes one among them. They are very happy-go-lucky. . In the same market there is a goonda called Veera, who was terrorised the whole town. Once he misbehaves with Indu and she in turn slaps him with sandals. Before he could react he gets news that his enemy Kali, who is a goodkind-hearted man and always ready to protect the weak, has been released from jail. They have an old score to settle. Because Veera and his brother are responsible for Kalis sisters death Kali had killed Veeras brother. . Meanwhile Indus uncle, who was abroad returns to India and he asks Indu to join him at Madras. Indu goes to Madras along with Prince and his friends. In Madras Indus uncle sells Indus prestige with a business associate of him in a return of some business obligation. Before anything bad happened, with the help of the boys Indu is able to save herself. But soonthey are attacked byt the goondas hired by Indus uncle, and in the ensuing clash Chhotu gets killed. Indus uncle forcibly takes Indu away with him. Prince, Munna and returns to their town. . Back in the town, Munna and Peter blame Indu and her love for Prince, resonsible for Chhotus death. The friends break up. In the meantime Indu also comes there after killing her uncle, who had once again handed her over to his partner. Police comes in search of Indu and on the other hand Veera attacks Indu and the boys. Kali makes his entry at the right time and saves the boys and Indu. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Aaj Ka Romeo.

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