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Aaj Ka Ye Ghar is a 1976 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1976. The film is directed by Surinder Shailaj, produced by Jayamala under banner named Adarsh Arts, music composed by Anil Arun.

Mala comes from a wealthy family and lives in a palatial house with her dad, a businessman, mother a housewife, and a younger brother. She falls in love with a middle-classed man named Sajjan and wants to marry him, but her father refuses to permit her to do so. She adamantly leaves his house, marries Sajjan and goes to live with his family, consisting of his mother; father, Dinanath, & younger brother, Vijay. The family soon learns to love, respect, and trust her, and she soon runs the entire household. She soon gives birth to a daughter and a son. Vijay completes his education, but is inclined to get involved in get rich quick schemes, and ends up earning a lot of money in a short period of time. When the rest of the family find out that he has obtained this money through smuggling, they ask him to leave the house, which he does and goes to live with a woman named Ruhi, a cabaret dancer...

Tells of the trails and trubulations of middle class family. The happy family of Dinanath is plunged into sorrow, when his younger brother takes up to neafarious business, his own mother deserts him and due to falsification of account in his office he is sentenced to jail. However, the sincerity of purpose and honesty of heart ultimately triumphs. Dinanath is made an equal partner by this boss. Check out this page for more updates on Aaj Ka Ye Ghar.

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