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Aaj Kal is a 2010 Indian Bollywood comedy,romance film released on Feb 14, 2010. The film is directed by Tarun Verma, produced by Akil Kurji.

In relationships, there are three kinds of people.
Like Alisha, there are people who think with their hearts. Bright - eyed, hopeful and idealistic, they see love through the eyes of a Bollywood cinema enthusiast. When love happens, fireworks go off. Roses bloom. The works.
Saahil and Neha let the thinking take place where it's supposed to - the mind. Logic and reason rule over their judgment in love and they rarely cross the line to explore the road less traveled. To them, Commitment + Compatibility = Love, A simple equation.
And then there's Aditya, who doesn't even think at all.
So what would Alisha do if fireworks didn't go off and roses didn't exactly bloom? Kuch Kuch nahin hua, to?
Would Saahil and Neha ever step out of the predictable and step into the moment of love?
Will Aditya continue on his pursuit for love, undaunted, when things start to go wrong? Will he stop to think...?
Let's not forget all those lovable characters that make one's life a worthwhile journey!
It's funny as it is heartfelt. Aaj Kal. Beacause, love comes unexpectedly... and redefines your today and tomorrow.

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