Story, Synopsis, Trivia, Dialogues for Aaj Ke Angaarey (1988)

Aaj Ke Angaarey is a 1988 Indian Bollywood action film released on Jan 01, 1988. The film is directed by Vinod K. Verma, produced by B. Subhash , music composed by Bappi Lahiri.

The story starts with Vidhya who is a school teacher. She likes living and teaching. One day she plans for a picnic and asks her students to join her. The students along with the teacher go for the picnic. But, instead of enjoying the trip they are caught by some masked men. They are caught in the trap and are killed. Now some of her students and Vidhya needs to seek shelter to protect their lives. They try to move out and a forest officer provides her the shelter. The forest officer’s wife is also good and she protects them. But, even her masked men are behind them to get them killed. As soon as they seek out of the house they are killed and things take a u-turn for everyone.

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