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Aaja Re O Saajna is a 1993 Indian Bollywood film released on 1993. This is story of the film is a Science Fiction with the message "Save the Child" and "Against Weapons", of a Sceitist who experimented on human beings, he transofmed then into Robots and wanted to keep then under control by means of remote controll. For this illegal experiment he made his laboratary on an deserted island. Once on pretext he take Gopal and his wife Suneeta to that island. There he experiment. On Gopal and keeps Suneeta under threatens that if she does not agree to his comonds he will kill Gopal. . As time goes for his experiment he needs more peoples leaving Gopal under Suneetas care he goes to the city. Suneeta who love her husband alot starts, taking care of Gopal on the island. . Meanwhile that scientist succeeds in getting some more people who were travelling in a Launch. On that island those travellers are led by Suneetas singing voice to the same cave where scientist has his laboratory under ground. Seeing the travellors Suneeta jump into the sea. Thes travellors spend the night in the cave. The scientist is also among them. . And then scientist starts his operation by kidnapping one travelor each night by making him unconsious and experiments on them and those who dies he throws into the sea. The traveller ae surprise and scared of the suspense. But they are unable to get a clue. The scientist is successful and by than only Riky Lata and the child have survived. Now the scientist plan that after selling Gopal he will make Riky into another Robot but all of the sudden the Captain of the ship who was persumed dead by the Scientist and others reappears, he compells the scientist to make him partner in this illegal affairs.. . And then the criminals from all over reach on the island and they are surprised to see this expremented man. As one of buyer want that this should be only of a kind there-for orders Gopal by means of the Remote control to kill the scientist and then they starts fighting with each other in this process the remote controlle breakes and Gopal goes out of control. He starts killing who ever comes infront of him, when he trys to kill the child. Suneeta screans and breaks the remote control in to the pieces. Gopal dies and with this shock Suneeta also dies the child survives and so does Lata and Rocky. [Source: C.B.F.C] Check out this page for more updates on Aaja Re O Saajna.

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