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Aakaash Ganga is a 1990 Indian Bollywood film released on 1990. Having joined her duty as nurse in Maharani Laxmibai Hospital. Ganga comes across Aakash Anand who oftenly comes to the Hospital in order to look after his Ailing mother On mothers insistance Aakash-says to Ganga that he wants to marry her but Ganga rejects his proposal. . One day all of a sudden "Bholu" who is badly injured, is brought to the Hospital. It is only than that Ganga after seeing Bhola gets per plexed. She rushes to her house and appreciates her sister on Bhulus arrival. Who is Bholu? "What relation has between Bholu and Thakur?" In a couple of days Ganga remains very serious, As a fight leads off between her and the woman from inside of her. . One night Ganga is in the act of killing Bholu that Aakash sudenly comes in the scene He tells to Ganga that Bholu is a patient "being nurse, it is her formost duty to save him than to kill him. He also says to her about the sacrifice of the great nurse "Florence Knightin- gal"and the selfless service of mother Treassa to all of humanities. . "Convinced and influenced with Aakashs piacoves, Ganga serves Bholu" By her heart Bholu Gradually recovers and one day recognise Ganga only than Aakashs mother hurts and she relation between Ganga and Bholu" Aakashs mother hurts and she sereeches, abuses at Ganga one day after completely recovered from the illness, She leaves the Hospital. Check out this page for more updates on Aakaash Ganga.

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