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Aakaler Sandhane is a 1982 Indian Bengali drama film released on 1982. The film is directed by Mrinal Sen, music composed by Salil Chowdhury.

An educated villege mooer came in city and appointed as a aetiny principal in college. He has a boy name Priyo.them are the anti-social man namely pappu & swro samajpati.they are tishliy each other in genley the positear in city.banti the son of pappu murdered a man in front of professor b.r.das and treated by banti not is didosed the dame is police.but his son priyo protest against this.banti from the dertroyed professors family but raju try us save priyo from banti.raju was the men of suro samajpati raju protected priyo due from reason that pappu commiled murdered or raju's brother priyomiles(mithun chakraborty) and the take the serverge against papu he his the save priyo,banti has murdered raju but police arrested priyo against the murdered charge of the noontime banti killed professor b.r.das(uttam mohanty).at the time or evenalia or professor sanosamajpati saved priyo from police evoludy.but priya killed banti .pappu (priyar mohanty) from the killed priyo's fancies but failed and comilled suicide.priyo finally priyo murdered the police.aten the deals or other part they was only to man alive was suro-samajpati he contilineium his anti social authorities.

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