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Aakhir Kyon? is a 1985 Indian Bollywood drama,social film released on 1985. The film is directed by J. Om Prakash, produced by J. Om Prakash , music composed by Rajesh Roshan.

The story is all about Nisha and her husband. She is happily married to Kabir. Kabir is a rich business man and he takes care of Nisha. But one day, Nisha comes to know that Kabir is having an affair with her cousin named as Indu. Initially, she leaves all these things, but when she actually realizes that her husband is cheating her, and then she strongly resists this and leaves the house. She leaves her husband and her child and ultimately she moves out of the house. Then one day, she clashes to a writer who is attracted to her. Even Nisha likes him and falls in for him. So, Nisha and the writer think of spending the entire life with each other and then things take a u-turn when Nisha’s past comes in search of her and he gets trapped in the caught of whom to select and whom to not.

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