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Aakhri Adaalat is a 1988 Indian Bollywood action film released on Jun 10, 1988. The film is directed by Rajiv Mehra, produced by F. C. Mehra , music composed by Anu Malik.

The story starts with Police Inspector Amar (played by Vinod Khanna) who goes on a daring drug duty and ends in the arrest of spooky underworld criminals. Amar's job goes down the drain as the crook dodge law is set free. Amar's subordinators assign him a desk work and appoints Sub-Inspector Rima Kapoor (played by Dimple Kapadia) as Amar's help. Amar and Rima are deeply in liking with each other and they are infatuated to each other. Amar introduces her to his mom and friend named as Nitin (played by Jackie Shroff). But, a vigilante wreaks trouble in the city, murdering the members of the underworld. Rima gets amazed upon Amar's closet, where she searches a helmet and a jacket traced by the vigilante and Amar is handcuffed and charged with many homicides. Is Amar the villain on a murdering spree? How far will Amar go to decimate the crook and save the justice?

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