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Aakhri Badla is a 1990 Indian Bollywood action film released on 1990. The film is directed by Mangal Chakraborty, produced by Bishwanath Ghosh , music composed by Salil Chowdhury.
A ship named as ‘Star of Asia’ gets drowned in the water. Now, the ship is actually carrying a sum of Rs 6 Crores involving gold and diamonds. Then police officers assigned a detective named as Himadhri Choudhry to handle the case of the drowned ship. He will then go to Tokyo to get his search completed, but in Tokyo, something strange will turn out that will create destruction.

A movie about an Interpol officer, Himadri who is assigned the task of nobbing a gang of international smugglers who operate from their base at Tokyo, Japan in the guise of a Shipping company. The Officer manages to get inside the shipping company and works as a CEO and looks after the business. Meanwhile his true identity of being an Interpol Officer being a company Employee gets revealed and he is forced to leave the company. As now getting to the main criminals becomes a difficult task, he aquires some links about the business deals happening in Japan and thus moves over to Tokyo. A girl who he tries to get to him or reveal secrets in the meanwhiles falls in love with the same girl. Then, while taking out criminals his girl now he wants to take his revenge. He manage to get all the criminals and in the ensuing fight, the leader of the gang Dr. Segal dies. While bleeding to death the secrets about the gang is revealed and then he tries to eliminate the Police with a Cigar bomb but the police officers escape from the venue and are saved.

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