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  • Nikhat Kazmi


    Nikhat Kazmi | Times of India

    Priyadarshan takes a break from his staple diet of comedies and moves to serious territory with Aakrosh. Now this isn't an alien zone for the filmmaker who has already proved his forte with tackling themes of gravitas in films like Gardish, Virasat, Kala Paani and his National Award winner, Kanjeevaram. In Aakrosh, he goes topical with his attempts to unveil the horror of the recent spate of honour killings, which have relentlessly made headlines.
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  • Taran Adarsh


    Taran Adarsh | bollywoodhungama.com

    Shameful as it may sound, honour killings still exist in many parts of the country. The misconception is honour killings are all about the murder of a female family member by one or more family members, since the perpetrators / wrongdoers believe that the victim has brought dishonor / disrepute upon the family by having a relationship with a man of different religion or social status or marrying against the parents' wishes or having premarital sex.
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  • Preeti Arora


    Preeti Arora | rediff.com

    There are some directors who can handle diversity. Then there are those who would rather stick to the same tried and tested formula which gave them their first hit. It can be safely said that Priyadarshan [ Images ] belongs to the former. After furnishing the multiplexes and single screens alike with a string of no brainer comedies such as Hera Pheri and Hungama, Priyadashan is finally peddling some serious, provocative cinema with Aakrosh.
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  • Blessy Chettiar


    Blessy Chettiar | DNA India

    A riveting, fast-paced thriller, Aakrosh will hold your attention till the very end. The film is based on the subject of honour killings, and the gore in it might put some off. But director Priyadarshan justifies it all with panache. Priyadarshan’s last directorial venture, Khatta Meetha, was a disastrous ‘comedy’ that ceased to be funny after the first few scenes. Probably it's time the acclaimed filmmaker took a break from brainless comedies
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  • Minty Tejpal


    Minty Tejpal | Mumbai Mirror

    Aakrosh is a gritty, fast paced film weaved around the recent spate of honour killings that have horrified India, specially the northern belt. If you have been reading the news, then you know that inter caste affairs and marriages, a natural by-product of a younger, more liberal mindset, are leading to mindless bloodletting, with parents and relatives hacking and murdering their own children in cold blood, all for the sake of family honour.
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  • Nishtha Bhatnagar


    Nishtha Bhatnagar | NewsX

    Priyadarshan normally likes to raise burning issues, if not through satires, then serious cinema. His latest film Aakrosh, a thrilling drama on honour killings and cast politics will highlight the rampant corruption in government machinery in smaller towns and the helplessness and powerlessness of the poor.What you can expect from this film is a revelation of sorts along with some great drama, chase and fight sequences and 3 hours of Reel Talk.
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  • Rajeev Masand


    Rajeev Masand | ibnlive.com

    Aakrosh', directed by Priyadarshan, and starring Ajay Devgan and Akshaye Khanna has some powerful, gripping moments. But credit for that must go to 'Mississippi Burning', the Oscar-nominated 1988 film by Alan Parker, of which this film is a shameless copy. Devgan and Khanna star as CBI officers packed off to Jhanjhad, a small town in Bihar, to investigate the disappearance of three male students who were last sighted there. As they sniff around for possible clues
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  • Anupama Chopra


    Anupama Chopra | NDTV Movies

    The plagiarising trend continues with this week’s second Hindi release, Aakrosh. More than 15 years ago, I had interviewed writer Robin Bhatt on lifting stories from Hollywood. When I asked him where his talent lies, he said: My talent lies in knowing what to steal. So Aakrosh, directed by Priyadarshan and co-written by Bhatt and Akash Khurana, is a faithful remake of Alan Parker’s Oscar-nominated drama Mississippi Burning.
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  • Sarita Tanwar


    Sarita Tanwar | Mid-Day

    A film based on honour killings was an interesting concept. Add to that, the exciting promos and a talented cast, Aakrosh came with certain expectations. Sadly, barring a few moments of thought-provoking drama, the film falls short and treads into the mundane. The Hollywood inspiration, Mississippi Burning (1999), was a fictionalised version of the shocking murders of three civil rights workers by the Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi
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  • Mayank Shekhar


    Mayank Shekhar | Hindustan Times

    This is perhaps Priyadarshan’s first Hindi film that gives out a defined setting. It comes with its own set of issues. The director emphasises more than once at the beginning that the movie, apparently on honour killings, is entirely a work of fiction. Oh hell. Of course it is, almost a work of poor fantasies. We’re supposedly in the badlands of Bihar. Everyone talks in a poor imitation of some godforsaken accent. The local superintendent of police, an IPS officer (Paresh Rawal; Mr Hammy)
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  • Komal Nahta


    Komal Nahta | Koimoi

    Ajay Devgan acts wonderfully, speaking through his eyes, expressions and body language as much as with the aid of ...
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  • rajverma67



    rajverma67, 6 years ago
    This is nice movie. I liked it.
  • markpaul12


    ultimate .....thinking

    markpaul12, 6 years ago
    Super hit movie. I loved everything about this movie.
  • movielover4



    movielover4, 6 years ago
    Super hit movie. I loved everything about this movie.

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