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Aamader Janani is a 2000 Indian Bengali drama film released on 2000. The film is directed by Raj Mukherjee, produced by L. R. Pachisia , music composed by Ashok Raj.

Mamta and Ashok were living a happily married life with their sons. Ashok was a mechanic in a motor garage. Mamta did odd job in her friend Lakshmi's house. One day Ashok had an accident and lost his legs. Mamta then took full charge of the family. The two sons grew up. The elder son was looking for a job and the younger son was still studing. He was good at his studies. In order to obtain a donation for her elder son's job Mamta sold one of her kidneys but did not let let anyone know about this. After getting a job the elder son married a girl against his parents' wishes. The daughter-in-law was cruel and unkind. Aditya,the younger son in the meanwhile got engaged to Priya, an affluent girl. Her father was fond of Aditya. After the completion of his studies he went to Bangalore for doing a course in engineering but much against the wishes of his parents. After the course he returned back but he preferred staying with priya and her father and subsequently flew off to America. The elder son Akash left his parental home with his wife. Ashok and Mamta were forced to sell their house. Mamta got a job in a company and then by dint of good luck and hard work she became the owner of that company. Aakash was suspended from his job for illegal activities and younger son Aditya was facing failure in business. Both the brothers now tried to turn to their mother for help. The film ends with past mistakes forgiven and a happy reunion.

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