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Aamar Shapath is a 1989 Indian Bengali action,drama,romance film released on 1989. The film is directed by Prabhat Roy, produced by Shankar Ghosh , music composed by Kanu Bhattacharya.

The person playing the main character in this movie is Prasanjit (Shankar / Rahul). His father was a respected and renowned police officer. His father and mother were killed by Raja Murad (Mohan Prasad), a wanted criminal on his birthday. His sister was also kidnapped by them. But somehow he managed to escape. He was then adopted by a childless couple. They gave him a new name Shankar Haldar. However from the day he lost his parents he had only one objective in his mind - seek out his parents' murderers and search for his only sister Chandana. He grew up under the loving shadaw of his new parents . In college he met Shatabadi Roy (Ayesha) who was his childhood friend. They fell in love with each other. In the meanwhile Chandana (Prasanjit's sister) was taking care of orphan children in the church. Shankar with the help of Ayesha's father got associated with Mohan Prasad and his gang. But one day Mohan Prasad got the true picture. They kidnapped Ayesha. Shankar boldly faced the situation and killed his parents' murderers. But this happened at the cost of his sister's life.

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