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Aami Montri Hobo is a 2011 Indian Bengali costume drama, comedy, drama film released on Dec 23, 2011. The film is directed by Partha Chakraborty, produced by Goutam Naskar , music composed by Shankar Goswami.

The plot is centralized on Jadu Datta, a literally illiterate businessman who has a lot of black money who decides to run for the elections against Sudarshan Roychoudhury,an efficient worker an much loved man of the locality.Jadu decides to buy off his voters with cash and with gifting them bamboos which incidentally is his symbol. His wife is the main force behind this as she has a point or two to prove.

Dharma, the local moneylender decides to support Sudarshan because there is an old enmity between him and Jadu and he wants to settle scores.Jadu’s son and Dharma’s daughter who love each other also support Sudarshan.His two younger children take the side of Jadu but later on go against him.

On the day of the results, Jadu takes a lead initially but loses badly in the end to Sudarshan.He is completely destroyed and people start shunning him and creditors start lining up. The only silver lining-his eldest son returns home with his new wife.

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