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Aamras is a 2009 Indian Bollywood comedy, drama film released on Sep 11, 2009. The film is directed by Rupali Guha, produced by Sunil Doshi , music composed by Tabun Sutradhar.

This story is based on the friendship between four friends. These four people are the four teenage girls who become the best friends in their 17th age. These four people are belonging to very different backgrounds. These four people meet together in the same urban school they live with each other and are very close to each other. These 4 friends support each other in the good and the bad. Their friendship is ultimately based on the ‘no sorry and no thank you’ phenomenon

They promise to be best friends forever and ultimately they decide to have a lifelong friendship. But, there comes a stage when these four friends are separated and they have to live without each other. There is a stage when these four friends still remain with each other in all the odds. The friends are the greatest valued asset to an individual is what this story talks about.

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