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Aangan is a 1959 Indian Bollywood film released on 1959. "AANGAN" is the story of the "Aangan" (ccourtyard) of a typical Indian home and a typical Indian family of Uttar Pradesh. It is the Aangan of Thakut Chandansinghs ancestral home that has witnessed changes and revolutions, births and deaths of both men and ideas, clashes of personalities and beliefs, disappointments and realisations of ccherished dreams. . Our Aangan has seen Thakur kanhiya Singh the eldest surviving member of the family with more qualities of heart then coins in his pocket; all the intended good being undone by his two weeknesses-the smoke that benumbs and a nagging wife who is to be tolerated beyond all limits due to her hold on the strings of finance that can proccure the coveted smoke. . Our Aangan withesses the occasional visits of Kanhiyas only son Matru who instead of pursuing higher studies, is running a beetal shop and whose immense love of music pushes him in the clutcches of `Resham the celebrated singing girl of Agra. . And not that he neglects other responsibilities; he marries too, only to cheat his innocent wife of her gold ornaments. . But dont you believe that his wife `Pannatakes it lying down; No Sir She fights tooth and nail and brings back not only her gold but the more precious husband too. . Married on the same day and at the same time is her elder sister Heera and fortunately to Chandan, Matrus first cousin-Chandan the day dreamer and a typical coward who loves peace more than his responsi bilities. He pracctices indigenous medicine to support his widowed mother and now his beide too. With all his faults he has a poetic beliet that the first and last duty of a woman is be beautiful. In his bride to see his wife eternally beautiful he gives her a self made medicine to put an end to all possibilities of a child birth which might take away some of her beauty. . Our Aangan withesses the quiet suffering of a loving wife and a dutiful daughter-in-law in the person of Heera who puts the honour of her busband and the happiness of the house-hold above all personal comfort and desires. Our Aangan bears to be trodden under the feet of Chandans mother, a diehard conservative whose faith and deep rooted beliefs of the belied that a grand son is essential for the peacce of soul after death. She brings about a separation between husband and wife, manages a seccond marriage for her son. . Our Aangan witnesses the fate smiling at poor mirtals when the much sought after grand-son does come in the world but only when it is late for the mother to clcaim as her own or cast her loying eyes on the innocent face. Our Aangan joins the young one in his childish pranks and see him grow up to be four when the forces of jealoust step in and poison the mind of Chandans new bride. . Result-the disccarded wife has to part with her son only to see him live next door uneder the roof of her rival possessed with jealoust. Our Aangan withesses the maifestation of immense love between two real sisters fighting against all odds, lining and dying for each other. In sharp contrast is the jealoust between between two sister-in-law, i.e. Kanhiyas wife and Chandans mother. And who has to suffer for it poor Aangan it has to break into two pieces under the heartbreaking weight of man-mad brick and mortar. . We invite you to witness all this along with our Aangan; and more than that the eventual triumph of `Aangan - Aangan that stands for good, humanity, love and eternity. Check out this page for more updates on Aangan.

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