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Verdict: Bakwaas Movie. Waste of Time.


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Aansoo Bane Angaarey is a 1993 Indian Bollywood action film released on Jan 01, 1993. The film is directed by Mehul Kumar, produced by Jatti K. Verma under banner named Paramount Pictures.
After the death of his first beau, Mr. Verma re-weds Durgadevi (played by Bindu), so that she can look after his boy named Ravi (played by Jeetendra). Then, Durga also gets pregnant and delivers a son named Kiran. After the passing of few years Mr. Verma dies and Durga decides to enter into politics with the association of Sewakram (played by Prem Chopra). Ravi inclines the managing director of his organization and falls deeply in love with a typist Usha (played by Madhuri Dixit). Durgadevi first disagrees with the wedding but finally agrees. After the wedding, Durga gets for election and wins to become the state's Chief Minister. Meanwhile Usha starts expecting. Ravi for his business related work has to move abroad. Kiran tells his mom that he has had an affair with Usha before she got wed to Ravi. Amazed with this Durgadevi decides to deal with this scenario. Usha falls dupe to Kiran, Durgadevi and Sewakram.

After the death of his wife, wealthy Mr. Verma re-marries Durgadevi, so that she can look after his son, Ravi. Subsequently, Durga also gets pregnant and gives birth a Kiran. After a few years, Mr. Verma passes away, Durga decides to enter into politics with the Janata Sangruti Party and soon becomes the party president with the help of Sewakram. Years later both Ravi and Kiran have grown up. Ravi, who is the Managing Director of his firm, wants to marry a typist by the name of Usha, but this does not auger well with Durga, who wants him to marry someone who is equally wealthy. Then Ravi gets a surprise when Durga changes her mind and agrees to Ravi and Usha's marriage, which is performed with great pomp and ceremony. After the marriage, Durga stands for election and wins, and is elected the state's Chief Minister. Kiran tells his mother that he has had an affair with Usha before she married Ravi...

Durga Devi is rich and influential lady whose first and last lvoe is politics. She, with the help of Sevakram, wins election. She plans to kill Sevakram but Sevakram escapes. . Durga Devis stepson Ravi falls in love with Usha who is poor. Durga Devi doesnot approve this marriage but because of Ravi she is unable to throw her out. Durga Devis own son Chander has an eye on Usha. Ravi leaves for U.K. on business trip and Chander takes this opportunity and tries to molest Usha. She screams. Durga Devi comes on the spot but Chander puts all the blame on Usha - accusing her seducing him. Durga finds this opportunity most sutiable to throw USha out. Usha is pregnant. Chander wants to kill her. But she is svaed by a Muslim person. Usha is now mother of Madhu. Sevakram becomes S.K and his mission is to take revenge from Durga Devi. Madhu also learns the whole story about her mothers misery and taken oath to revenge. Madhu joins hands with S.K. and wants to ruin Durga Devi and her family. Usha forbids Madhu to carryout her mission of revenge Ravi meets Usha, his wife, Madhu his daughter. Check out this page for more updates on Aansoo Bane Angaarey.

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  • devenpatel


    Timepass Movie

    devenpatel, 9 years ago
    This is one time watch. You can watch this movie to pass your time.

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