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Aantiya is a 1993 Indian Bollywood action film released on Jan 01, 1993. The film is directed by Hiren Goswami, produced by Himmat Goswami under banner named Jari Mari Productions, music composed by Aziz Ali.
A story of an village where an honest and innocent name Aantiya lives. He loves his people but the village Sarpanch in to gain his illegal acts makes Aantiya his Scapeogoat by way of his intimate acts. Aantiya opts out to leave village as his honesty prevents him from fighting against Sarpanch. Antiya arrives in another town known as illaka Kali basti. He comes across good friends whom all love each other dearly one day he falls in love with a girl who also loves him and she joined them. All started living in Kali Basti where Aantya comes across the Aantya comes across the activities of most criminal minded elements Michale who is most involved in terrorism and intimates acts. Hes aim only to attack villagers and grab their belonging earning etc. No one dare to fight Michael act of terrorissm as hes has blessing hand of corruption. This keeps on going until Aantiya and his friends swears upon to take up the challenge against Michel. Thus the gang war between the groups begins. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Aantiya.

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