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Aap Ka Pyaar is a 1988 Indian Bollywood film released on 1988. Ramlal running a Bhel-Puri cart at the roads of Bombay gets married Laxmi a polio victim. Soon after the marriage Ramlal becomes rich and at the instance of julie a girl friend he deserts his wife Laxmi. Laxmi without any shelter moves here and there and finally settled down in Nasik. One day one cart puller (rickshawala) Nandu finds pregnant Laxmi on the roadside. Nandu gets Laxmi admitted to the hospital, there Laxmi gives birth to a girl who like Laxmi is also a polio victim. On seeing the condition of the daughter Laxmi dies of shock. Nandu has got no alternative but to take care of the Laxmis daughter Reshma. . On seeing the child in Nandus arms, his beloved Rukmini becomes suspicious. Nandu gets hurt at the behaviour of his beloved Rukmini, sells his cart wanted to take the child Reshma to Bombay for treatment On his way he was attacked by some bad goondas they robbed Nandu of his money and in the fight Nandu looses his eye-sight also. . Nandu and Reshma are roaming at the roads at Bombay and collects Bombay and collects money for the treatment by singing songs. Rukmini comes to Bombay in search of Nandu, she sells toys for livehood. Time passes, after six years she meets Nandu and she is shocked and sorry to see that Nandu has lost his eye-sight. . Ramlal looses his feet in an accident. Now Julie deserts him and leaves him alone. Then, he thinks of his wife Laxmi, after much search he was told that his wife Laxmi is dead but his six years polio victim daughter is alive and is in the custody of a blind man whois maintaining her. Ramlal gives this task of searching his daughter to his five friends. . Time passes and Ramlals health worsens, he makes his will in favour of his daughter Reshma but makes the provision that in case the daughter Reshma is not tracable, all his property should go to his five friends in equal shares. . Ramlal dies, The five friends in search of Reshma. They are not able to find Reshma but comes in contact with Kader the Dada man of Bombay. The five friends wanted to Kaders help to kill Reshma. Kader is married Razia, the one-time prostitute. They have got one daughter. Kader moves in search of Reshma, but Sonu Monu, urching of city runs away with Reshma. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Aap Ka Pyaar.

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