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Aaram is a 1951 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1951. The film is directed by D. D. Kashyap.

Attractive Leela has three suitors. The first one is Shyam, an artistic painter, who offers her his heart, and a room he shares with his friend, Chamanlal. While the trio are busy conning others, Leela meets with Sita, who is a Rani of a region, she takes a fancy to Leela, invites her to her palace, introduces her to her son, Kumar, who instantly falls in love with her. When Leela indicates that she loves Shyam, Kumar and his mom conspire to be friendly with Shyam, help him put up his paintings in his very own art gallery, so as to win over Leela. Before Leela could make up her mind, she is abducted by her third suitor, a hoodlum by the name of Bhagwan - who has no intentions whatsoever of releasing Leela for any amount of ransom, and wants to make her his at any cost.

Who does not ever struggle for Aaram? But does one really get it ? . Leela was wondering in search of this solace, when she came across Shyam, a young painter also stranged in the struggle for existence. Shyam brought her home and tried to give her a crumb of comfort; but Leela realised sorrowfully that she had become a burden of Shyam. . To keep up the day to day expenses Shyam approached his granny in the village and tried to extort some money through tall talk. The granny who was bitterly resentful of Shyams wayward life slapped him in the face and he had to come back giving her promise of making his own way through life. . Shyam and his close friend Chaman wanted to see Leela happy. One evening with almost nothing in their pockets they brought Leela to the citys best hotel and posed her as a princess. Here Leela happened to meet a rich widow who requested her to grace her home sometimes with a visit. . The night weighted heavy on Leela; she was constantly occupied with the possibilities of this wealthy lady helping her, in case she would make an approach. Next morning she quietly slipped to the rich widows house and revealed to her her real self. This rich woman always felt some sort of void in her life. She accepted Leela as her companion. There Leela met the young son of widow-Kumar, who was again a lonely sort. Kumar was dazed to see Leela and felt as if she was the one he had been waiting through long years. . Broken in spirit, Shyam daily went to the Coffee House to find solace in his cup of Tea. He would order two cups- one for himself and the other for his Leela. One day Leela actually came and picked up the cup laid for her. Shyam was surprised to see her decked with ornaments and beautiful clothes. Leela told shyam the whole story of her employment and also mentioned Kumar,who had brought her to the coffee house. Shyam thought that Leela had fallen for riches and betrayed the poor painter. In a fit of anger he raved mad on Leela and forced her to quit the coffee house. . Dismayed Shyam again went back to the grandmother to find peace of mind. He was astonised to know that Leela had been sending money to his granny; she too loved him as intensly as he did. Realising his folly Shyam rushed back to the city in search of Leela. One evening when he was extremely sad a hand approached and lighted the cigarette held in his lips. Shyam found Leela standing before him and without uttering a single word he pulled her into his arms. The lovers met seemingly to remain together again. . Shyam took Leela to granny and she was quite happy to see the couple. But how the marriage would take place unless Shyam started earning. Shyam promised granny that he would not marry Leela if he were not able to earn his living within a months time. . An Art Competition was due to open shortly Shyam told Leela that he was confident of making his career provided his painting found its way to the art gallery. Leela asked Shyam to paint something really wonderful and took upon herself its exhibition through the influence of Kumars mother. . Showing Kumars mother her sketch which Shyam had made, Leela made her agree to help the poor painter. Kumar who happened to listen the talk between Leela and his mother purchased the sketch in his friends name and thereby paid a tribute to his own love. . Shyam chose Leela as his model and with all the artistic skill at his command made a fine painting of her. . By this time Kumars mother had come to know of her sons silent love for Leela. When Leela brought her Shyams painting she praised it immensely and told Leela that she had decided to make her own daughter-in-law. Leela was shocked to know this. she told the elderly lady that she loved Shyam and none else. Saving this she rushed to Kumars room; Kumar had already listened to the talk between mother and Leela and knew the tragedy that was his lot now.Far from obstructing Leelas course of Love he held out a helping hand sacrificing his love for Leelas. . Kumars mother wanted to do away with the painting. Kumar dissuaded her and prevailing upon her made her agree to accept Shyam as her own son and Leela as her own daughter-in-law. . The Art gallery opened and Shyams painting was awarded the first prize. Shyam had made a name himself and there was nothing that could stem the realisation of his dreams. . The success of the painter was celebrated at Kumars place. Next morning When Leela was to meet Shyam in the coffee house and then to go to granny for her wedding, she was spirited away by Bhagwan. . Who was Bhagwan? Was he another rival or a hand of destiny that seperated the lovers? Was it a conspiracy latched by Kumar and his mother? Did Leela and Shyam ever meet ? Did those souls, sick of solitude, ever find solace ...............are the big questios AARAM is going to answer you. Check out this page for more updates on Aaram.

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