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Aarti is a 1962 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1962. The film is directed by Phani Majumdar, produced by Tarachand Barjatya under banner named Rajshree Pictures.

Aarti is doctor by profession and believes that her skills should be used for the welfare of patients & needy people only. She is very hard working & honest about her work. But the way, she thinks her fiance, Dr. Prakash is just opposite or in contrast with her. Then one day, Aarti falls in love with Deepak but her Dad is opposed to her having any relationship with Deepak. Aarti marries Deepak & moves in with Deepak & his family. Deepak is very poor and in his family there is his brother Niranjan, Niranjan's wife, Jaswanti and their three children & Deepak's Dad. This hurt the ego of Dr. Prakash & being humilated, he decides to take revenge. He gets married to Ramona, but is unable to get Aarti out of his mind & he keeps in touch with Aarti & succeeds in destroying the relationship between Aarti & Deepak. Due to this development, Aarti moves back with her dad as Deepak asks Aarti to leave his home. Then Deepak met with an accident & Dr. Prakash is the only Surgeon who can operate on him & he agrees to do so on condition that Aarti surrender herself to him forever.

RIGHT FROM THE DAYS of Ramayan and Mahabharat the Indian woman has found her happiness and her joy in being a devoted self sacrificing wife ready to suffer any mistery to make her home happy. Her real joy has been in making others happy. . AARTI, our heroine, also belongs to the same tradition. After become a quallified doctor instead of marrying Prakash, a brain specialist surgeon who was after fame and fortune, she married Deepak, a social worker who live with his big and poor family comprising his father, his mentally deranged sister and his elder brother with his shrewish wife and three uruly kids. With her untiring zeal and her diligent care she made every member of the household happy but for her shrewish sister-in-law who was bitter agaisnt life: and Prakash, whom she had refused to marry, was livid with anger plotting to take revenge on her Between the two, they were successful in planting the seed suspicion in Deepaks mind and forcing him to drive Aarti out of the house she had helped to restore to sanity and happiness. . Aartis cup of misery was filled to the brim when her husband met with an accident and there was no one except Prakash, a brain specialist, who could, save Deepaks life. But Prakash refused to operate until Aarti went to beseech him, agreed to pay his prince and reposed all her trust in him as a doctor. Prakash performs the operation. It proved successful. Aarti went to him to pay his price. She asked him " How much is your fee". Prakash retorted, " Dont ask "how much", but ask "What is my fee". Aarti asked accordingly and in reply Prakash querried, "Can you leave Deepak and join me"? as if he demanded Aarti from Aarti ! . What answer did Aarti offer? How did she fulfil her obligation? Only the screen can effectively answer these querries inthis story of triumph of sacrifice over self. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Aarti.

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