Hindi    Jan 26, 2001 (India)

Verdict: Timepass Movie. One time watch.


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Aashiq is a 2001 Indian Bollywood romance film released on Jan 26, 2001. The film is directed by Indra Kumar, produced by Anil Sharma.

Chandar Kapoor's romantic flirtations results in a girl he has developed feelings for entrapped in a local brothel and the girl's father out to hunt and hurt Chandar (if needed).

The brief summary: Chander (Bobby) was helping his friend and his lover (Sapna) to marry because Sapna's brother didn't agree if she married him. Sapna's friend was Puja (Karhisma Kapoor) who accidentally was with Sapna when Chander took Sapna run away from her house, Chander was a brave man and protected the girls from Sapna's brother men since the brother was a police inspector. From that moment Puja fell madly in love with Chander. Sapna and Chander's friend got married made Sapna's brother had a grudge with Chander hence always making problems with him.

Puja was living in a big house but with unlovely parents, every time her parents met they always arguing and fought hence the thought of thinking of Chander made her happy. Puja always calling Chander by calling herself a "Dream girl" and flirting with him made him felt happy and curious to found out who she is. Chander's father (Anuphem Kher) was an advocate and loved his only son, it just two of them in the house so their relationship was really close. Chander's father helped Chander to find out who was the "dream girl" by tricking her to come to a venue to reveal herself. Chander was happy when he knew that the dream girl is puja; from then on they were dating.

However, when Puja's parents came to know their relationship they didn't approve it and forced Puja to engage with somebody else. There was a misunderstanding between Puja and Chander when she saw him hit her father while actually it's an accident made her said harsh things to him and chander was insulted and angry by her words. When Puja learn the truth she wanted to make it up to Chander and asked Chander's childhood friend "Jai" to bring her to meet chander but Jai sold her to a brothel instead for money. Puja was missing and police forced Chander to confess where he's hiding Puja? Chander didn't know anything and tried to find Puja until he knew that Jai sold Puja to a brothel.

Chander saved Puja when she was almost boarding on a plane after being bought by a boss from a Middle East country. Chander fought the ruthless brothel's owner, then the brothel's owner shoots Chander but Chander could move faster so it was Jai who got shot. The brothel's owner was shot by the police inspector aka. Sapna's brother whom realized to separate duty with personal matter.

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  • jeevan789


    Cool Movie

    jeevan789, 9 years ago
    This is nice movie. I liked it.

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