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Aasra is a 1966 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1966. The film is directed by Satyen Bose, produced by Madan Mohla under banner named Seven Arts Pictures.

Amar Kumar is an eligible young man, and his parents feel that he should get married. They introduce him to Bishambernath, his wife, and their daughter, Roopa. Amar also gets to meet Roopa's cousin, Shobha, who is treated like a servant in their house, and is attracted to her. When Roopa finds out that Amar is showing an interest in Shobha, she physically slaps and beats Shobha senseless. Shobha, afraid of another beating from Roopa, keeps away from Amar. Amar has to go abroad for two or three years. He choses not to make any commitment as to marriage until his return. Shortly after he leaves, Roopa and her mom beat up poor Shobha again and have her thrown out. She relates this story to Amar's parents', who feel sorry for her and allow her to live at their house. Things take a turn for the worse for Shobha, when Amar's mom finds out from Roopa's mom, that Shobha had been asked to leave as she is pregnant, with the identity of the father unknown.

Misfortunes never come alone. Shobha was rendered orphan just at the marriageable age, and she had to take shelter at her distant-Unlce Bishamber Nath a well-to-do building contractor. But the cruel and merciless wife of Bishamber imparted maid-severnt like tretment to Shobha. Being submissive, educated and dutiful, Shobha adusted herself to the environments. . Dr. Surinder Nath, an old common-friend of both Bishamber Nath and Shobhas deceased father Sunil, met Bishamber all of a sudden after fifteen years. Surinders son Amar was now a full-fledged House Surgeon doing apprenticedhip course in a local hospital. Bishmber invited Surinder along with his wife and son to his new bunglow. Loo- king to the enviable status of the father and son, Bishmaber and his wife were keen to get their eldest daughter Rupa married to Amar. Thus Amar was invited to their house off and on and Rupa had every liberty to mix with him. But the moer Amar visited the place, the more he liked the simplicity and uprightness of Shobha, and at the same time developed dislike for vain, proud and unscrupulous habits of Rupa. Amar was now in love with Shobha, but Shobhas poverty and helplessnes restrained her to come very close to him or to even disclose her reciprocal feelings for Amar. Amar was now to leave for England for highter studies, and was hard pressed to give his consent for Rupas hand. Amar turned down the offer and left for England. . Fate brought Shobha at the gates of Dr. Surinders house in an emergent need for shelter. Double-orphan Shobha was to become the mother of a child!!! Check out this page for more updates on Aasra.

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