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Ab To Jine Do is a 1995 Indian Bollywood film released on Jan 01, 1995. The film is directed by Yash Chouhan. No human being is born with a knife in his hand; the only thing which he bring with him is humanity. Siddhanti was one such innocent child. His mother who has a teacher always taught him to tread on the path of truth and non-violence and about the power of the mighty pen which can bring revolutions. One night a rowdy tries to rape Siddhants mother and while trying preserve her honour, she dies. Angry Siddhant kills the culprit and he is put in childrens home. But he was billed as a murderer for lifetime and hence when a grown-up Siddhant returns from jail, all the doors are closed to him by the society which refuses to accept a murderer. He does not get any opportunity to start a new life and hence he forsakes the pen and lifts the knife. But once again the pen comes in the way of sword. . Professor Pooja comes in Siddhus Basti to change its face. She teaches the school and college students who were going on wrong path; in the hope that the present of this nation was already bad, she can atleast ensure that the future of the nation was good. . The Trustee of the college where pooja teaches was Jay Prakash Singhania, who was also the owner of the daily " PARAJATANTRA". Jayaprakash manipulates the papper to earn easy money Police Inspector Janardan Dandekar is paid by Jayaprakash to hide the case, but he is stopped by his honest father-in-law constable Sadashiv Amrapurkar. . Constable Sadashiv locks up T.P. and assures Pooja that he will try to get maximum punishment to T.P. from the court T.P. gets two years imprisonment. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Ab To Jine Do.

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