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Abar Aranye is a 2003 Indian Bengali adventure film released on 2003. The film is directed by Gautam Ghosh, music composed by Gautam Ghosh.

Abar Aranye is a well-told story of contemporary times, seen through the common journey of two generations. - a journey of revelation and self-introspection , a journey symbolising the changing times and the consequent changes in our values and identities. Goutam Ghose looks at the same characters that Satyajit Ray had created in Aranyer Din Ratri (Ashim, Sanjay, Harinath) who are old people now. Once again they set out on a journey to break off every link with civilisation for a few days and to get lost in the depth of the jungles. Ammu, whose life came to a standstill after she lost her love in the 9/11 disaster, finds a reliable friend in Tisha. The cancer patient and ex-sportsman Harinath struggles to survive but gradually loses his spirit and courage.His wife Shimuli takes care of him with great care and patience but fails to delve deeper into his mind to read his apprehensions and to understand his pains. Aparna the sensitive and spirited wife of Ashim tries her best to tackle all situations of life bravely. The story takes a turn when Ammu goes missing and after spending few sleepless nights the rest of the group get the information of her being alive and safe under the custody of the bubals along with a letter demanding a ransom of 3 lakhs. Ammu plans to demand the ransom from her parents herself in order to help the tibals who live in dire poverty. Her quest for tranquility and peace ends here and she expresses her wish to stay back for the rest of her life. But someone informs the police and the innocent master, the father figure of the tribals gets arrested. Ammu feels betrayed and denies to return to the so called civilised world which however forcefully brings her back. The helpless girl feels that love has finally left her when her toy chimpanzi gifted by her dead lover stops talking and she throws it away in despair. They all return to their routine lives, bidding farewell to the primal deeps.

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