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Verdict: Bakwaas Movie. Waste of Time.


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Abhinetri is a 1970 Indian Bollywood family drama, social film released on Jan 01, 1970. The film is directed by Subodh Mukerji, produced by Subodh Mukerji.

A chance meeting between an Assistant Scientist, Shekar, and an established stage dancer and singer, Anjana, results in love. While Shekar has a mother who lives separately, Anjana has been orphaned at an early age. Shekar's mom approves of Anjana, and both get married. Anjana stops her involvement in dancig and singing, and both spent the next several months on relative harmony. Then Anjana finds that Shekar is spending more and more time in the laboratory than with her, and she decides to take up dancing and singing, which does not auger well with Shekar. Arguments ensue, and both decide to live separately. When Shekar's mom comes to visit Shekar, both he and Anjana compromise to live together to fool his mother. Will they succeed in pulling wool over her eyes?

Anjana a brillant dancer and Shekhar a handsome young scientist, hailed from different worlds, yet when they met they discovered they had one thing in common love for each other, Shekhar took Anjana to a nearby village, his ancestral home, where his mother lived alone, and a strong bond of affection was soon established between of her own and Aajana, who had never known what was mother love. . Tne young Scientist married the beautiful artiste and the nights and days mingled into one, as they were lost in hevenly bliss. . But duty called, and Shekhar returned to his laboratory and his experments with fertilizers, whilst Anjana, alone at home, began to yearn for the glamour of the stage. . Shekhar did not approve of his wifes ambitions in this direction and positively forbid it. There was a clash of ego. Shekhar asked Anjana to choose between the home and the stage, and he was shoked when she choose the latter, They wer separated. . Shekhars mother wrote and inofrmed him that she was undertaking a pilgrimagem and would like to spend a few days with her son and daughter-in-law before she set out. Shekhar had not told his mother of the developments at home, and would not bear hurting her now. He apprached Anjana with a propostitin that she come and stayed with him and act as his wife for jusst a few days, before his mother left on the pigrimage. Anjana would never have agreed for Shekhars sake, but she loved his mother dearly and realised that if she learnt the truth it would be a severe shock for her. Anjana agreed, but warned Shekhar that it would be merely to shield the truth from his mother, nothing more, nothing less. Check out this page for more updates on Abhinetri.

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