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Abohomaan is a 2010 Indian Bengali drama,family film released on Jan 22, 2010. The film is directed by Rituparno Ghosh, music composed by 21 Grams.

Aniket Majumdar an art film maker discovers a raw talent in Shikha, an unsophisticated actress from the world of theatre who has talent according to Aniket. He selects her after she undergoes a screen test though initially his wife thinks more of Shikha’s talent than him. She does act in his film and in due course of time he becomes involved with her. He moulds her into not only a fine actress, but also transforms her into a sophisticated human being from her past state. She starts calling up when the family have dinner every night and this starts affecting the family. In fact things come to such a stage that Aniket is involved with Shikha (now known as Srimati) full flegedly and things reach such a stage where his wife gives an ultimatum. How ever with time she gives up on him and they continue life just like that. Aniket goes out of town with his son Apratim, who looks after him (Aniket had become unwell). Aniket and Apratim share a lot about life. Once back, he again falls severely sick and passes away. Srimati comes to meet the family on hearing the news.

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