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Accident is a 1965 Indian Bollywood action film released on 1965. The film is directed by Ravi Kapoor, produced by O. P. Khanna , music composed by Sardul Kwatra.
A tale of Intrigue and mystery. Harry a victim of circumstances was standing on the Crossroads of Life. Though alive, was declared dead. A living death manipulated by the unscrupulous methouds of KASHINATH. His love for RITA was branded a criminal conspiracy by the law, to swindle a trust. His help to improve the lot of his poor friend RAMESH proved a curse for him. Ramesh mistook Harry in disguise as the killer of his friend. Harry wanted to clear the misunderstanding but every attempt was foiled. Harry was wounded and the gun was in Rameshs hands. Ramesh denied the charge. There was no one else. Who shot Harry . Asha the representative fo the trust tried to solve mystery and it became more intriguing. She was cught in a web of love and duty. . Harry made a last dash to clear his name. Did he do it? because ready to annihilate him were. Check out this page for more updates on Accident.

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