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Achanak is a 1998 Indian Bollywood action film released on Jun 12, 1998. The film is directed by Naresh Malhotra, produced by Vijay Galani , music composed by Dilip Sen-Sameer Sen.

Arjun (played by Govinda) lives a luxurious life, surrounded by the family he loves and working at his family's booming business. Then he meets with Pooja (played by Manisha Koirala), and his life gets even much better. The two deeply fall in love. But when a mysterious attempt to murder the happy couple alerts them to the presence of danger, their problems are only beginning, and soon Arjun's bro (played by Rahul Roy) is killed in an accident no one could have expected. Pooja is mistakenly sentenced of murder, and Arjun must save her while he keeps up his family authorities, but his dad soon meets a cruel end as well. But, on the run from both the police and the mysterious crooks, Arjun and Pooja work to expose the truth while dodging a fate at the hands of either.

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